December weight loss

· November 24, 2016 · 2 minutes to read

Mindset is vital!

A client and I had a great chat last night about nutritional programming I wanted to shake up a little bit. The response was “Really? Change the nutrition and start a new diet in December, whats the point?”. Following on from this it gave me a real insight into a mindset that I’ve not had about December for at least 10 years. We’ll skip the transcript with the details of the rest of the conversation. Here are a few of the key things we went through.

  1. How many days are you binging/cheating/boozing?
  2. What are the occasions of those days? Are they all compulsory?
  3. How many hours of that day are you binging/boozing or cheat eating?
  4. How many days are you NOT cheating, binging or boozing?

These 4 questions came up with the answer that of the 31 days in December 11 of them had something going on. Whether it was religious festivals, office parties or family gatherings. We established that of the 11 days there was no need to be making bad food choices all day long. Office parties don’t start till the evening, the religious festivals don’t require all day long eating of less optimal fat loss foods and the big one, there are 20 days to do the right thing!

It’s a great thing to be able to identify barriers to success. However the people who succeed in their weight loss, muscle gain, fitness and body shape change goals find ways over, around or through the barrier. We identified how many days and hours we had through December to make the right food choices. We then decided what we can do for damage limitation on days when he will be cheating and boozing.

Damage limitation with carbs and booze

Here’s the thing, weight loss in December can be tough. Once you’ve identified when and what you’re going to be cheating with you’ve got to limit the damage. All food contains information for your cells to use. Functions like store fat, make energy, mend hair, grow nails, make me sleep the list goes on.

Highly refined carbs cause your body to release loads of insulin, the job of that insulin is to push sugar that is or soon will be in your blood into cells. Too much stress in your daily routine can cause blockages so the sugar doesn’t actually get into the cell. When this happens your body releases more cortisol (stress) to raise insulin levels. Your body thinks you’re low in sugar as it’s not being processed in the cells now. So the end result in what’s known as insulin resistance and chronic stress. The end result of stress and insulin resistance in this case I’m only going to mention fat gain. Trust me though the list is massive and so are the long term health implications!

The reason for mentioning the above is because alcohol can do massive damage to the intestines and how your body actually processes food. When you have damage to the lining of your intestine again it can cause a host of long term illness. When you have mass amounts of alcohol combined with refined carbs (most party food) you’ve got a recipe for some pretty mashed up guts, impaired digestive function, increased inflammation, water retention, fat and weight gain.

Damage limitation

Continued weight loss in December works by maximising your days when you’re not cheating, binge eating or boozing. Here’s how

  1. Smash down lots and LOTS of green veggies, broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage, sprouts, salad leaves etc
  2. Drink a lot of water. This will help with cell function and your bodies ability to recover
  3. Train hard. Aim for short but really intense sessions that will help deplete your bodies reserve of sugar
  4. Give yourself some cold exposure, when you shiver it makes your body pull fat off your body to make heat
  5. Don’t stress about your diet increased stress will only make you bloat out, hold water, gain weight and make you feel terrible
  6. Plan out your cheat/boozing times and make sure you know how many days and hours you have to make the right choices
  7. ENJOY the festive period. I know I’ll be eating chocolate, cakes, donuts and what ever else I fancy

I hope this helps with your December weight loss. Any questions as always fill in the contact and I’ll be in touch.

Much love




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