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Weight loss problems and solutions

Common issues dealt with by 360 fitness and coaching

  • Lack of knowledge about what to eat. Trust us you’re not the only person that has been faced with the dilemma of what to eat, specially after the news and TV programs 1 minute saying eat this egg, next article says eggs are bad…
  • Hormones being out balance. When it comes to hormones they play a huge part in your body shape, how and why you hold onto fat in certain areas, why you cant sleep, why you cant sustain weight loss, why you have low energy in the morning, why you have a buzz mid-afternoon, why you crave high carbohydrate high sugar foods late at night and many other symptoms. As well as the good vibes, feeling happy, finishing off that to do list, being bouncy and having loads of energy, all of your feelings from the body come from hormones. It only takes 1 set of hormones to be off balance to create a downward spiral of knock on effects that impact health and your ability to lose fat.
  • Doing the wrong exercise for your hormone balance. Think those spin classes, high intensity cardio classes will shed all the fat you want? Think again, they may help for a short sharp burst, but if your hormone profile is saying that you’re high cortisol (stress hormone), then these classes may not be helping you lose fat! Doing strength training of 5 reps for 5 sets? Again may not be helping you lose fat.
  • Mentally not ready for change and commitment to a new lifestyle. Over 9 years industry experience means that Dean (owner of 360) has seen it all when it comes to change.  He’s seen people 100% ready and committed and people forced into exercise by their GP. What ever your motivation Dean is prepared to execute a plan to make sure you succeed.
  • Don’t know how to make the changes to succeed in fat loss. Too much information can be daunting and can leave you feeling more lost than before you started, demotivated and with the “what’s the point” kind of mentality. Making too many changes all at once is a hard task and not one that Dean recommends.

These are daily things that 360 fitness and coaching deals with and deals with successfully by the following methods.

Solutions provided by Dean at 360 fitness and coaching.

At 360 fitness and coaching Dean prides himself on achieving results with clients who never thought it was possible. 360 fitness and coaching mainly but not exclusively works with people in executive positions, directors, doctors, CEO’s, Chief Operating Officers, managing directors, project managers. These types of people seem to gravitate towards Dean and his proven system for no nonsense fat loss. All clients of 360 fitness and coaching go through the same screening process at the consultation and from their Dean knows whether or not they’re ready for his program.

Education is the fastest way to results, followed by masses of effort and commitment.

At 360 fitness and coaching we do fat loss the right way, good food, hormone balance and proper exercise.

  • Investing time in every client. This is the key to 360’s success with clients. The 1-2-1 attention received by each client is second to none! This starts from the 2 hour consultation, yes 2 hours! This is needed so Dean can gather all the information he needs to produce some seriously fast fat loss results. Phone, email and text support is available to every client for any type of problem that may arise whether food based or even kitchen set up. After the consultation up to and over 20 hours of research, diet, exercise and supplement planning will go into your program to ensure that your program is 100% tailored to you and results guaranteed if you stay on track.
  • Biosignature modulation. This is the main speciality and how the fast fat loss and weight loss comes about.  This is the process of balancing your hormones to improve your health, sleep, mood, digestion, energy levels, sex drive and help you lose those stubborn fatty areas that no diet and exercise plan has ever shifted.
  • Personal diet and exercise plans. These plans work with specific weight, set and rep ranges that work with rather than again your hormone profile. Training the right way based on your hormone profile twice a week with Dean will shift fat in as little as two weeks when combined with the right diet. Your diet plan will work with your tastes. You have the option of freedom of choice or meal specific plans that will have the right amount of nutrients that you as an individual need. We bend the diet around your current lifestyle so that it wont be an issue to plan and prep your food.
  • Life/planning sessions. Not all of your sessions will be physical, its just as important to make sure that you’re mind is in the right space for your body to follow. These sessions range from stress management, time planning and management, change psychology, frustration release, to food shopping, meal planning, changing kitchen set ups, goal setting and evaluating, education sessions about hormones, exercise and what ever else we need to cover.

This is why Dean called the business 360 fitness and coaching. Because by looking at all aspects of your lifestyle he can make some realistic changes that will genuinely lead to amazing results. See the testimonials for real client results.

To accelerate your own fat loss contact Dean today and let him guide you to the body you’ve always wanted.

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