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Companies (especially software/tech startups in Brighton) are under pressure and face stiff competition when trying to attract and retain high calibre staff. One of our managers came up with a great idea to transform a storage room into a gym and bring in a personal trainer once a week as a new way to incentivise staff, break up the day and get them away from their computers for 45 minutes.

The personal trainer we chose was Dean at 360Fitness, who devised a set of rigorous circuits catering for all fitness levels and making the most of our small space. Dean keeps us interested and on our toes by introducing new circuits with different exercises and different equipment. Boxing gloves and [defending bags] and of course the Kettle-bells… very effective and there is no hiding!

What is really impressive about Dean is his wealth of knowledge outside of cardio, strength and conditioning training. He understands the human body, how it works and all the other factors (like diet) that come into play when wanting to get results out of your exercise regime.

Having canvassed opinion across the employees, we can honestly say that out all of all the perks/benefits we offer, the weekly gym sessions run by Dean would be missed the most. If like us you are a small business trying to attract and retain talented staff, get hold of Dean and get him to come work his magic with your employees

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