Rapid weight loss

Rapid Weight Loss – BioSignature Modulation

Created and developed by the internationally renowned performance coach Charles Poliquin, Biosignature Modulation is ground-breaking, innovative and it really works. It will help you to lose fat rapidly yet safely and I always use it with my clients.

What is Biosignature Modulation? Back to Basics

Your hormones affect several different aspects of bodily functions and processes, such as your thyroid, your blood sugar management, stress levels and so on. They’re vital to life but they can be out of balance, affecting your health and well being.

Are you feeling tired in the afternoon, or are you holding onto that last bit of abdominal fat that just won’t go?

We each have a unique biological signature, with certain fat deposits reflecting out of kilter hormones.



If you hate your upper arms, your bra bulge or your thighs, your hormones are most likely out of balance.

Find out what these imbalances are and implement the right fat loss programme and you’ll soon see the results you want.


How Does This Fat Loss Programme Work?

It’s painless and takes up to just 30 minutes to carry out. With the aid of callipers, I’ll gently pinch the skin on 12 different sites around the body:

  • Under the chin
  • Check
  • Pectoral area by the arm pit
  • Triceps (back of the upper arm)
  • Just below the shoulder blade
  • Ribs
  • The hip just above the bone
  • At the side of the belly button
  • Quads – front of the legs
  • Hamstring – the back of the legs
  • Knee cap
  • Middle of the calf muscle

I’ll be able to interpret and identify your biochemical and hormonal make up to create a powerful personalised programme that’s a mix of diet, supplementation and exercise. Further, regular assessments will keep you on track.

No time-consuming or expensive blood tests, unless I need to refer you to a GP. This is the safe, natural solution that you’ve been looking for.

Say goodbye to stubborn fat deposits. This is the closest way to spot reduce fat that you can get. And, you could see results within a matter of weeks. All my clients have seen dramatic improvements in how they look and feel.

Contact me now and lets get your health or weight loss journey moving forward.

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