A few updates to share

· August 24, 2017 · 3 minutes to read

Hi readers. I know it’s been like 2 months since I posted my last blog article. I’ve super busy moving to Croydon and now feel it’s a good time to give you some updates.

A move to Croydon

Firstly I want to announce and also thank MYPT Studio for working with me and allowing me to use their amazing facility in Croydon. Hands down it’s the best personal training gym in Croydon, offering both 1:1 and group personal training.

The studio is incredibly conveniently located on St. Georges walk approximately 5 minutes walk from East Croydon station and close to all major bus routes through town. The studio has everything you need to work with a PT. There are showers and means you can train even during your lunch hour get freshened up and be back to work in good time.

The clients I work with

I’ve now stopped taking clients on in Brighton and made the move professionally to Croydon. I’m now taking on clients specifically with health complaints ranging from thyroid issues, IBS, blood sugar management (diabetes) issues, chronic fatigue and weight loss issues. This is specialty training and requires the full two-hour consultation. Specifically, if you have health issues before you begin any form of diet, exercise and supplement routine. We may even need to seek approval from the GP if I see fit.

I find this type of health improvement massively rewarding and get a huge kick out of being able to help people. Especially where the Dr’s don’t have time to fully investigate and get to the cause of your issues.  BIG POINT to note, I do not diagnose, treat or cure anything! I’m not a qualified doctor, but I do endless amounts of research into medical conditions. And investigate what causes issues at cellular levels. I will support your body with nutritional systems and supplements to help boost your body’s levels of nutrients but I cannot prescribe meds. Nor will I tell you to stop taking anything the doc has prescribed.

My range of clients has included but are not limited to company directors, business owners, CEO’s, executive assistants. I’ve also worked with people recovering from physique shows. As well as athletes and people in need of health boosting interventions.

All clients have to go through the consultation process. If at the end of that consultation I don’t feel that you’re ready for the program then you’ll be referred to either another trainer or health care professional.

The type of activity we do

Once you’re accepted into the program, your training will consist of what I deem not too stressful, weights, cardio and relaxation based stretching if needs be. Everything we do will be completely results driven for what your goals are. If building muscle is a goal, then everything we do will be for muscle. If weight and fat loss is your goal then your set up will different to that of someone wanting to build muscle.

We work with some apps that monitor your stress and we plan your activity around what your stress levels are doing. Your measured stress level will dictate what type of program we follow. We’ll either hit the beast mode if you’re able to handle the stress. Or we hit the least-mode if you need to calm down and rebalance the system.

New developments

A great thing about this industry is the opportunity to learn which I fully embrace. With the boom of the fitness industry, we’re going to be launching the MYPT Academy. This will give people the opportunity to qualify as gym instructors and personal trainers. This means I’ll be undertaking a tutors course next week. I’ll be putting together some content of what to teach newbies coming into this amazing sector. We’re hoping for a 2018 launch so we’re crazy busy putting a lot of ideas and behind the scenes admin into place.

I’m so excited about launching this venture to help people expand their knowledge bases or change careers. I know for certain if I wasn’t working as a personal trainer I’d be a teacher. I just ventured down the road which didn’t involve student loans and involved a lot more lifting of weights.

My personal developments

Along with the teaching qualification, I’m hoping to get accepted onto the next level of biochemistry course. Run by the amazing team at Musclenerds. This will include a better understanding of how your body does what it does. A better understanding of program design, improved life coaching tactics and better knowledge to get people off pharmaceuticals and using foods as medicine. All in all, it’ll make me a much better personal trainer for being able to understand how your body is performing from the inside out.

That’s about it for now, I’m going to start being more active on youtube again. All being well I’ll get some more video content back onto Instagram. Although I am going to be very busy, writing essays and content for courses. But I’ll do my best to give you guys regular updates.

Much Love


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