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Upcoming events

Upcoming scheduled events that Dean will be running. Please register your interest by completing the contact form.

Nov 3rd and 4th Elite performance workshop*

  • Consultation skills, knowing what you need to know and why
  • Digestion and nutrition, from plate to cell
  • Cell function basics- what goes on inside
  • Energy production- good vs bad, all the systems involved
  • Hormone basics- cortisol, insulin, testosterone, oestrogen, thyroid, ghrelin, leptin, inflammation and what they do in the body
  • Health issues related to imbalanced hormones, why your clients don’t lose fat/weight
  • Resetting the stress response and supplements
  • Nutritional and training strategies

Nov 5th – Dec 17th –

MYPT Academy level 2 fitness instructor and Level 3 diploma in personal training.

December 18th – Level 2 Kettlebells

December 19th- Level 2 circuit training

December 20th and 21st

Business and Marketing for personal trainers.

(Bolt on to the level 3 diploma course)

Focusing on

  • Knowing your market
  • Marketing
  • In depth consultations
  • Challenging limiting beliefs
  • Knowing how to sell without selling

*The elite performance work shop has limited spaces and will be managed via paypal invoices.

A few updates to share

1 year ago

Hi readers. I know it’s been like 2 months since I posted my last blog article. I’ve super busy moving to Croydon and now feel it’s a good time to give you some updates. A move to Croydon Firstly I want to announce and also thank MYPT Studio for working with me and allowing me to use… read on

How to improve digestion

2 years ago

I get asked a lot, how can I improve my metabolism? How can I lose the gut? How can I improve my digestion? What should I do for losing weight? Plus a load of others, but those I’d say are the main ones. Now, a blanket answer that covers pretty much all these answers is… read on

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