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1:1 training

Located in Croydon at the amazing MYPT Studio, Dean runs a complete health overhaul service. Dean has limited spaces due to teaching commitments. So all clients are on application and subject to consultation.

Our main focus

Is you. Plain and simply put, you are the main focus. We’ll work on what you need as opposed to what’s trendy. After a detailed consultation we’ll determine the right path that you need to follow. Whether the path is hardcore beast mode style training or some less intense rehab style training. We’ll pick whats right for you and your health goals.

Cardio and weights combined for optimal results

We actually train, energy systems which means we tweak you’re your cardio output to strengthen your heart, lower your resting heart rate and improve blood pressure. The energy system focused training brings about massive change, this means its less beast mode. More measured sensible work tailored to your body.

We also focus a lot on training your muscles under the right amounts of tension. This means how fast you perform and exercise, different speed of exercise produce different muscular response responses. So you may have been weight training and actually training for muscle gain rather than fat loss just by working at the wrong speeds while weight lifting.

 “It’s not just about beast mode, we will do whats right for you for stress reduction and healthy weight loss”

A big focus is training for hormonal balance. This means that your session may consist of working hard  for 20-25 minutes and then the rest your hour being all about stretching and slowing down to help reduce your stress response. Your entire session might be Dean stretching out your muscles and applying some sports massage to reduce muscle soreness and tight muscles. Your session may involve diet and nutrition strategies. If your goal is sports performance then your will well be interval based and focus on strength and stability in various sporting positions, what it all comes down to is every session is planned and completely specific to you and your specific hormone profile.

What to expect

Dean will set out the expectations of training at the consultation. You will be pushed hard but he will also respect the hormonal limits that you have going on inside your body. There will be sweat, there will be cussing (Dean takes a fair bit of verbal abuse during sessions). There can be and has been screaming but above all that there will be results and the way we train is focused, purposeful and results orientated. Work hard and smart, get rewarded with feeling better, more energetic as well as weight loss and fat loss. You would not believe how fast you can get results!

Get in touch now to book your consultation and find out how what we train will lead you to results!

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