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360 Fitness and coaching don’t only want you to look good naked, but we want you to feel great naked! This is what makes our service truly personal training, because it’s about your health, not any one else’s.

The ethos behind Dean’s training is that he addresses health issues first and then tackles the aesthetics for looking good.  Now don’t be mistaken, the looking good part goes hand in hand with restoring health. With current clients we have discovered hormonal and metabolic ‘blockages’ that have hindered weight or fat loss that the client themselves didn’t even know they had. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “why can’t I lose weight?” or “I do it all by the book, but nothing comes off!” then the chances are that your hormones are not optimally functioning somewhere along the line. Working with hormones and science is just one of the things that sets Dean apart as personal trainer in Brighton.  Another side of improving health that we focus on is your mental and emotional state, particularly when it comes to change. Dean is incredibly supportive through change and has coached a vast number of people through emotional change from complete despair, food cravings and self-loathing through to loving an improved body, boosted self-esteem and massively elevated energy levels.

The process

Through lifestyle analysis, food analysis and exercise history Dean can build a picture as to what hormones may be being over produced by your body and what may be under performing.This makes the service provided by 360 Fitness and coaching genuinely personal training unlike many others in Brighton. The goal for us is to make sure that you’re healthy and we want to help as many people as we can to regain energy and feel great.

“Managing stress is the key to unlocking all metabolic pathways to sleeping better, having more energy and losing weight.”

A huge focus for Dean is about finding avenues for you to reduce your stress and generate some more time. This falls into the lifestyle analysis that goes along with the consultation as well as a continual information exchange process as we progress down your journey. This information includes but is not limited to working hours, hobby activities, stress levels, food cravings, timings of meals, digestive appraisals, hormone analysis, chill time, holiday routines, home habits with work, kitchen set ups to name a few. By having a complete picture of your lifestyle Dean can then make a program integrates with your life rather than adding another stress to it.  You will be required to make changes but they’ll be manageable and completely tailored to you.

After the lifestyle adjustments kick in here is where the magic happens and your metabolic and hormonal pathways begin to thank you for the changes. A big factor with hormones 360 fitness and coaching work on is the management of stress and how to reduce your stress. We’ll also address insulin resistance, testosterone/oestrogen levels for both men and women, growth hormone and thyroid. All of these hormones are impacted by stress this is why our focus is on managing your stress to help the other hormones do their job. Balanced hormones mean that you will sleep better, have a clearer head, have more energy, have less digestive problems and start losing weight and fat like never before!

Finding metabolic balance

To balance and manage stress not all of your session will be a typical ‘beastmode’ smash you into next week kind of session. We’ll actually talk about how you’re feeling, we’ll stretch, learn to breathe to destress, talk about nutrition strategies, sessions before now have even included going to play golf to help relax. (This is a very rare event, but at the time it was right for that client). Stress management for some clients has also included Dean going food shopping with them to help understand about food labels, what is the right kind of foods to be looking for to get healthy from the inside out. Stress management has also included planning sessions where Dean has helped his clients prepare for interviews, NLP sessions that have helped frame food cravings, logistical planning sessions of how to execute a change plan and literally whatever Dean deems fit for client requirements.

To get your consultation booked to start your journey today get in touch and experience the elite of personal training in Brighton and Sussex.

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