Time vs life vs information vs results

· January 24, 2017 · 4 minutes to read

This blog post is all about the allocation and dedication of time plus the value of knowing the facts. As most of us know knowledge is power this is why my consultation process lasts for almost 3 hours. It’s not all done in a single session, mostly its a 2 hour sit down chat so I can gather information and then its a 1 hour movement analysis. This means that I can assess your lifestyle and see how your body moves. Then I can make any postural or structural adjustments before going beast mode. Which means you get results in a short period of time. If you’re pressed for time, then skip down to the last subheading for the knowledge bomb. But take your time to pull the information out of this blog that’s relevant to you.

This is so important to do the analogy that I use is comparing your body to a high performance car. You would not take the car out for a maximal speed test run without doing the checks. Making sure all the nuts, bolts, brakes, tyres and body work were safe to do so. Same deal with your body, I’m not going to give you a maximal test until I know your body can deal with it.

The value of information

Trust me when I say this, confronting the honest facts is hard to do! Asking for help can be hard to do. However once you’ve done it and hired a professional the results come think and fast. What ever it is you’re hiring that person for its what they do for a living and they’re good at it. In my case, it’s people who have hit a brick wall, tried every diet and workout available and still cant get results. A great book that I read called ‘good to great’ by Jim Collins makes a great point. Saying that you cant move forward and improve until you know whats wrong with your current situation.

My job during the consultation process is to get the facts. Both in a physical sense (about your body) and a psychological sense. This means I know why you may not have succeeded previously, why it will be different this time around and if you’re ready to make the changes. I ask questions that really get behind any incomplete sentences and information you may have given.

This often leads to some very emotional responses. I’ve had lots of people over the years break down in tears during a consultation. Purely because of the type of questions take any any excuses or denial that you may be holding onto. What this shows me is your true motivation for making the changes. As well as creates a great sense of trust with my clients. Don’t get me wrong I never intend to make people cry. It just kind of happens when you get the root of why people want to change.

I have a goal at the end of our consultation to make sure that you as the client have the light bulb go on. Realise that goals are possible and that you can actually have what you want. I want to make you see that there is fear of failure but there is also fear of success. This is a blog post all to itself but I will say that with success comes change and with change comes fear. Fear that your friends wont like what you’ve achieved, fear that people will say “oh their on another diet/workout phase”. Fear of the unknown and what it’s like to actually live your dreams as I say its huge topic and I’m not covering this now.

Clients and the consultation

For my clients here is what I want and need to know about them. During the consultation I want to know what they’re training for. How important that goal is to them followed then by how confident, motivated and committed they are to that goal. There is a huge difference between confidence, motivation and commitment and so important to know it! See my goal setting blog to explore these in more detail.

Once I know about that I can then start to work on your lifestyle analysis. I need to know about your sleep habits, bedtime routine and patterns, any history of dieting and exercising. What your food likes and dislikes are, what exercises you love and hate, if you have any food cravings. I need to know how you digest food and if you chew properly, I need to know if you get food craving, working hours, resting hours and down time. Plus I need to know about your heart rate, blood pressure, HRV score, stress level, birth control, sex drive, body fat percentage, tape measurements and then i can start your movement analysis.

Gathering all this information takes time, but armed with this level of detail it means that I can make really good optimal vs practical adjustments. We can bend food habits, exercise style, down time routine, and reduce stress around your lifestyle and make it stick. This means that you can achieve some amazing results and it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Why do I need all this?

Simple, So I can make you the best personalised plan possible. Lets breakdown the week.

Total hours in the week=168

working hours of 40 leaves 128 hours

sleeping the average 6 hours a night 42 hours leaves 86 hours

commuting time average 45 mins a day 3.75 hours leaves 82.25

Down time and relaxing with tv or cooking or games etc 2 hours a day 14 hours leaves 68.25 hours

Gym time 1 hour per week leaves 67.25 hours to be helping or hindering your goals.

Once we know how many spare hours you have in your week its easy to make use of that time. Think, 60 hours a week spare! So my last question for this blog is this. Is the excuse that you don’t have time to exercise valid?

I know that you’re all going to have different working weeks, commuting time, family commitments and sleep patterns. What I advise you do is to use the template above and see how it works out for yourself. Chances are that you’l be surprised, but it only works if you’re honest and you confront the brutal facts head on.

Thats all for this blog. Its a subject I love and one I could bang on about for hours but I know your time is precious so I’ll love you and leave there.

As always any questions ping me an email and I’ll get back to you.

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