The importance of setting goals.

· August 31, 2016 · 4 minutes to read

Setting goals is a big deal. If you don’t do it you’re going to struggle in any aspect of life. However as with most things in life you can goal set well and you can goal set poorly. I’m going to run through the difference between a non-specific goal and a specific goal, the difference between a target and a vision and finally why it’s so important to have a plan to back up your goals.

Get into detail with your goals

  1. The difference between specific and non-specific goals. This is something I come across on almost a daily basis. The most common one that I hear is “I want to lose some weight” swiftly followed by I’d love a flat stomach. Now the issue here is that both these targets are a bit pie in the sky. To make the most of a goal and to make it specific I need to know how weight do you want to lose? Do you want to lose inches? Do you have a specific weight you want to be? So with the answers to these questions now your ‘I want to lose some weight’ is a specific goal. To make it even more specific or S.M.A.R.T (Specific. Measured. Achievable. Recorded. Time lined.) I’ll ask what is your weight right now? When do you want to achieve the weight loss by? How are we going to record it?
  2. In terms of the flat stomach goal I ask, what size waist do you want? How do you want your stomach to look? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve the 6pack abs or bikini flat stomach you want? Who is your role model in terms of your physique that you aspire to be like?

Asking all of the above questions is VITAL if you’re going to succeed in any kind of weight loss or body shape change program. If your current PT, nutritionist, dietitian or health care professional has not asked these questions then how are they going to make a program effective for you to have guaranteed success for the money you’ve invested?


Goal setting is a huge subject and one that I’ll be covering in seminars and videos coming up in the future so keep your eye for future events on


  1. The difference between a target and a vision. This is huge! Unfortunately I do not have the eloquence or ability to express tone of voice in a written blog but please do not underestimate the value of having a vision. For a lot of us the idea of having a vision is a little alien and can feel a lot weird! It took me a lot of time and learned self-confidence to be able to have a vision and be confident enough to express that vision to other people. When you have a vision it means that you now have emotion involvement in your goal, losing 14lbs in 6 months is a great goal. But it can be better, if I was to ask. In a world of no limitations what body would you want, what does it look like and what would it mean for you to have it? You are now going to picture your body so you now have a vision, by asking yourself what it would mean to you, now you’ve got emotion and value attached to the vision. Which in the long run means you’re more like to stick to what you need to do in order to have that body. I use the V2MOM method for this type of goal setting (Vision, Value, Method, Obstacles, Measuring) I find this is hugely powerful and yields incredible results. When you have a target, whether self-imposed or the result of a job description, it then becomes something you have to do, you don’t have too much in the way of emotional investment and it’s easy to get complacent with targets. Or you see the target as a source of stress and then start freaking out if you don’t hit it. Either way, a target is good but a vision is a million times better because you believe in the cause and what you’re doing it for.v2mom 2
  2. The final point is having a plan. Having a goal and a vision is an amazing thing, however, if you don’t have a plan as to what physical steps you need to take in order to achieve it then it’s still just a dream. Let’s your vision is to have 6 pack abs or the bikini stomach you want for your holiday in 8 weeks’ time because you’ll feel amazingly confident and really enjoy your holiday a lot more. Great goal and vision, but how are you going to do it? Are you going to hire a trainer? Are you going to join a gym? Are you going to seek diet advice from a professional? If you already have a trainer, what are they going to do differently to get you to be living your vision in 8 weeks’ time? The best plan is one that is successful, it takes baby steps and often the help of a professional. Once you have your action points laid out for what you need to do the next step is having the commitment to execute it! Commitment is where you win or lose in your goals or vision, it often means getting outside your comfort zone and working hard. For me commitment is doing the right thing and making the right choices when no one else is looking, that’s true commitment.


I’m going to wrap up there because Ideally I’d like to keep these less than 5 minutes to read as we’re all busy.


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