Why hire a personal trainer?

· March 14, 2017 · 3 minutes to read

The main goal with this blog is to get across the point that not all personal trainers are the same. As well to detail what it is that I do with my clients that gets them results.

What to look for in a trainer.

In my opinion of having managed and worked in close contact with over 300 trainers over the years. These are the signs of a great trainer.

  1. They have proven results with people. Either in picture or written testimonial form. Don’t be afraid to ask the trainer you’re thinking of hiring if you can contact their clients. Ask them questions about the service and results they’ve had.
  2. They practice what they preach. All the best trainers that I’ve worked with over the years know how to train to get themselves in shape and get results. Not all trainers need to be jacked and lean. But they should all be training themselves and be able to get into shape quickly.
  3. The trainer should care about you as a client. I love my clients and will do everything I can to help them succeed. The best PT’s I’ve come across all go that extra mile for their clients.
  4. Qualifications. The PT you hire needs to be qualified! They don’t need years and years of experience, but they must be qualified and be looking to continue their education.
  5. Knowledge. Can they answer your questions honestly with science and reasoning. If you sense that they’re bullshitting answers then veto them.
  6. Programs. They have programs to follow that are unique to you and your goals. The best PT’s always test and retest their clients to make sure they’re always progressing. The programs may well be a template format but the exercises and intensity should be adjusted for you individually.

What to avoid in personal trainers

  1. The over promises and under delivery trainer. 12 week, 8 week, 6 week transformations even 2 week transformations I’ve seen now! Don’t get me wrong amazing results can be seen in that time frame, but is what you’re doing to your health long term sustainable? Can you maintain the changes for the next 5-10 years? If you’re doubtful make sure you question the PT. Question the PT’s previous clients and how they achieve their results, have they been able to keep the results?
  2. The wing it PT. This PT doesn’t have programs, doesn’t have results and generally does no further learning. Your PT should always have a plan for you, short medium and long term. They should be able to explain phases of training. The type of program you’re doing and most importantly WHY you’re doing it.
  3. A short/non existent consultation process. A good quality trainer will want to know about you as a person, your working life, your home life, food habits, drink habits and what you enjoy doing when it comes to health and fitness. A trainer not going through that type analysis will not get you good quality results.

What do I offer as a PT?

Now I’m far from the best PT in the world. But I strive to be the best version of what I can be. Below is a breakdown of what I offer as a personal training service. I’ve listed just 4 facets of the personal training I offer because these are the main goals that current and past clients subscribe to. I’ve not included the strength and posture elements, the boxing and sports specific training or the non gym based seminars and health talks that I also run.

Weight Management

  • flexible food plans
  • nutrition analysis
  • thorough consultation
  • motivational and confidence support
  • meal ideas
  • recipes
  • home workout plans
  • gym work out plans
  • how to apply nutrition to the clients lifestyle
  • 1-2-1 gym training sessions
  • Group PT session in gym
  • support messages
  • daily check ins with the client via text/email
  • Goal setting and achieving
  • Non judgemental
  • specifically tailored plans
  • Biosignature modulation (hormone balancing)

Metabolic rehab

  • analysis of lifestyle
  • analysis of hormone balance
  • what to do in order to re-balance hormones and health
  • stress reduction techniques
  • how to detox properly
  • time management techniques
  • Sleep improvement suggestions
  • using food as medicine
  • improving digestion
  • improving IBS symptoms
  • speeding up metabolism
  • Increased energy
  • improved mental alertness
  • increased productivity

Head space and stress reduction

  • Offering time that doesn’t need managing by you the client
  • practical solutions to complex problems
  • Chance to unwind and de-load stress and pressure of work and home life
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Optimal and practical lifestyle adjustments

Knowledge support and guidance

  • 10 years of study with practical application to clients for results
  • support through change psychology
  • making food choices easy to follow
  • support via text, email and phone calls
  • lifestyle coaching
  • friendly and approachable
  • exceptional cutting edge techniques for engaging the mind and body in unison

As you can see its a fairly extensive offering a little bit beyond eat less and move a bit more. I love this job and love to continue learning and increasing my skill set so that I can provide my clients with world class improvements in their health. Once their health is back on track then we work on the looking good naked part.

As always any questions then fire them over. Much love


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