How to improve digestion

· June 2, 2017 · 3 minutes to read

I get asked a lot, how can I improve my metabolism? How can I lose the gut? How can I improve my digestion? What should I do for losing weight? Plus a load of others, but those I’d say are the main ones.

Now, a blanket answer that covers pretty much all these answers is fix your gut, help yourself aid in the digestive process.

How does digestion work?

I’ll break this down into stages and what’s important at each stage.

  1. Seeing or smelling the food. This starts the digestive process, when you see or smell food your brain knows there is something coming into the body. Then it starts the digestive process by making you salivate. Saliva contains the starting point of digesting and enzymes that start to break down food.
  2. Chewing food. This point right here is probably the easiest key to helping fix your digestion. By chewing your food thoroughly you give the saliva more time to mix with the food. Therefore breaking it down and making the job easier for your stomach acid. Also, you increase the surface area of food making it easier to absorb the nutrients within it, the end result is more energy. You send signals to the brain about what type of food is coming into your system. Your brain then tells your organs what type of digestive enzymes to release in order to metabolise (burn and use)the nutrients contained.

Inside the body

  1. Inside the stomach, food get dropped into the acid, slammed against the stomach walls and broken down further. Using the chew, chew swallow method of eating means huge chunks of food are getting dropped in. The potency of your acid will go down meaning you wont breakdown food to its easily absorbed form.
  2. Once broken down it empties from the stomach to the duodenum. Here it mixes with bile from the gall bladder and insulin is released from the pancreas.
  3. After being mixed with the bile the broken down food then flows from the duodenum to the small intestine which is where the real magic happens.

The gut (small and large intestine)

The gut and the microflora (bacteria) with in it has a huge role to play in the body. Including jobs like immune function, about 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Hormones and neurotransmitters are made in the gut. Appetite regulation starts in the gut, as does cholesterol assimilation, vitamin and mineral absorption and the biggest primary job, digest the food that’s arrived from the stomach.

If you have leaky gut or bowel issues this can lead to a host of health issues. Including but not limited to IBS, IBD, constipation, diarrhoea, inflammation, neurotransmitter dis-regulation, excess histamine, sleep issues, increased aromtase and more!

By fixing the gut with some good quality pre and probiotics, multivitamins and lots of green veggies and most importantly removing foods that aggravate the gut is where you’re going to get the big win here. The gut is where you absorb or should be absorbing the nutrients from your food. Once your stomach has done the job of breaking down the food to its smaller state. The small intesting continues the breakdown process till the food is stripped down to its DNA. The cells can use that DNA to do jobs like burn fat, grow tissue, heal wounds. This is why food choices are important, good food with good information will promote health and weight loss. Bad food with zero information other than fake food and chemicals wont help with health or weight loss. Not all calories are created equal.

There is a lot more detail involved with the gut. but its too much this blog. keep your eyes peeled for the next one.

Large intestine and out.

The large intestine is your last chance to get any remaining nutrients out of the food you’ve eaten. Its the last chance to take up any more water before you sit on the toilet and get rid of the waste. Your poop is a great indicator of how well your insides are working.

You should be checking your poo!! If you’re not pooping then you’re going to be re-uptaking all the waste products that the large intestine is trying to get out. If you’re pooping too much and its loose and watery then you’re not absorbing enough water and need to possibly see your GP wither way. Use your poop!! Its also a great wat to measure your transit time. Ideally you’re looking for 12-24 hours for food to be moving through your system. Easy way to measure is eat a load of sweetcorn, then make a note of when you see it again in the toilet. Then you will know how fast or slow your transit time and how well your digestion is performing.



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I get asked a lot, how can I improve my metabolism? How can I lose the gut? How can I improve my digestion? What should I do for losing weight? Plus a load of others, but those I’d say are the main ones. Now, a blanket answer that covers pretty much all these answers is… read on

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