Hormones, how they can make you fat and Biosignature makes you leaner

· July 4, 2016 · 2 minutes to read

Firstly I want to welcome you to my 1st blog I’m Dean the owner and founder of 360 fitness and coaching. I’ll be writing all these blogs myself and doing my best to keep them simple and easy to read.

I want my 1st blog post to be about what I do in terms of hormones, where they sit on your body and how Biosignature helps to balance said hormones and help you lose fat.

Lets start with the hormones that I work with when it comes to Biosig.

  1. Cortisol or the stress hormone
  2. Insulin
  3. Thyroid hormones T3 and T4
  4. Growth hormone
  5. Androgens, male sex hormone group
  6. Oestrogens female sex hormone group

I also work with inflammation and fat, although not hormones by themselves they still paint into the overall hormone picture.

In terms of hormones they all sit on your body as fat in different areas, the chin and the cheek are representative of overall body fat and the cheek reflecting stress as well. The Pec on men and by the armpit on women represent how much aromatase (part of the oestrogens group) you’re producing. The tricep or back of the arm shows how you’re regulating androgen production. The shoulder blade shows how inflamed you may be and also your genetic tolerance to carbs. The ribs shows me how your thyroid is performing. The wonderfully named love handle I use as a lie detector for how many carbs you may be eating as this is the site for insulin. Just by the side of belly button is the cortisol/stress site.  The knee cap and calf show me how much growth hormone you’re producing and how well you’re sleeping finally quads and hamstrings (front and back of your thighs) show me both your exposure to external sources of oestrogens and your level of internal oestrogen production.

The next step

Once I’ve taken skin fold at all these site I then put your data into a software program that will then give me a top 3 priorities to work on for balance. The main thing about balancing hormones is understanding what impacts hormones production and that’s the internal organs. I have to take into account the following when it comes to health and fat loss

  • Stomach acid potency
  • The state of the gut (intestinal wall)
  • Liver function
  • Brain function (mostly sleep related
  • Liver function for detoxification and hormone production
  • Adrenal gland efficiency
  • Thyroid function in terms of metabolism

Once I have an overall picture of what your hormones are doing how your internal organs are performing I can then set you a diet, exercise and supplement plan that works with your hormones and internal organs rather than against them. Here’s an example of a real life client, I did the consultation and skin folds the software then revealed that he was a high stress priority, after completing a food and activity log I basically cut his exercise activity in half! He was attending spin and circuit classes 4-7 times a week and eating what most consider a healthy diet (topic for another blog there) We stopped all exercise classes that he was attending and switched to a more appropriate weights based routine. We eliminated dairy and wheat from the diet and the result was amazing he lost just under a stone (12lbs or 6kg’s) in 4 weeks but halving his exercise output and removing possible food stressors and reducing his exposure to stress.

This is a prime example of doing the wrong type of exercise for your hormonal set up and how doing the right kind of exercise makes a massive impact!


Thanks for reading.




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