Get your gut right and the rest of the body will thank you!

Balancing metabolism for health on the inside and looking amazing on the outside.

Metabolic Rehab

This is a huge topic and you’ll be hearing about this more and more over the coming years. Metabolism by definition is “All chemical reactions that occur within a living organism, including digestion and the transport of substances into and between cells”. We generally know people have fast or slow metabolisms. What we don’t always look at are the factors that contribute to a slow metabolism. Combined with how stress can interrupt proper bodily functions.

Is your metabolism working correctly?

Dean has worked with and continues to work with people who display signs and symptoms of gut (intestinal) disruption, thyroid disruption*. Plus excessive stress, pre-diabetes* to full diabetes, skin disorders* and individuals that always struggled to lose weight and are at wits end seeking a solution.

*GP communication and clearance may be required.

Through a thorough consultation and analysis period you will be provided with all the optimal solutions that will work for you. Then you will work with Dean to find out whats practical for you to implement into your own lifestyle.

The process follows the following timeline

  1. Lifestyle, nutrition, activity, digestive, hormonal and stress analysis
  2. Plan for calories, food types and activity levels for you as an individual
  3. Education about the right way to eat and exercise
  4. Execute the nutrition and exercise plan
  5. Review the analysis and symptoms
  6. Make a new plan if needed

This is an ever evolving process for Dean and his clients. The review process might be every 2 weeks, it might be every 4 weeks depending on your current state of health and how much support you need.

All of Dean’s 1:1 clients receive a full 20+ page booklet about how to read workouts, what hormones do what in the body, how your liver helps with detox, how to avoid certain toxins and much more.

What to expect

The level of detail that Dean goes into detail with his clients is far too vast to detail everything here. But it can range from analysing every minute of every day, to listing out job interview skills. To helping with decision making and everything in between as well as the training and nutrition service. Not all sessions will be practical sessions, if Dean deems it necessary then your session might be more of a counselling or planning session depending on how you’re feeling on a given day.

Dean is only accepting new clients by application only, due to teaching commitments . Only client who are willing 100% to follow the program and are determined to get results will be accepted. As much as this is a friendly service, it’s also about value for money. Ensuring you as a customer are getting results and always moving towards your end goal.

For more details or to book a £25 2hour consultation please get in touch.

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