Getting back to basics

Working with your muscles and the way they're designed to move. Dean's methods reduce pain!

Pain management rehab

Dean is a big fan of people being able to move pain free and enjoy movement. If you’re suffering back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, headaches or any other kind of training or lifestyle injury Dean can help you with pain management.

How we achieve pain reduction

Dean likes to map out your muscles. Show you how to activate them and make your stronger right from your brain to the muscle. Improving the connection will enable you to control your muscle and have it function in the way its supposed to. Being able to control your muscle, means that you can then strengthen it. Once strengthened you’ll notice considerable pain reduction and pain management wont even be something you think about.

Who is this for?

Before now Dean has worked with post operation clients to regain strength and mobility. He’s worked with clients that have had major back issues. One client in particular suffered a trans-lateral disc herniation in the lower back, was bed ridden for over a month. Within a year Dean had this client lifting over body weight in a dead lift. Massive achievement! Dean has also fixed numerous cases of what he calls desk jockey posture. Hunched shoulders, tight hips and inactive muscles.

Dean’s goals with any rehab client is to fix from the inside out. We’ll start out the same way as any other client, full nutrition, activity and digestive appraisal. From there we move to a movement analysis and then make the program that you need to follow.

Following Dean’s program and advice he can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll be feeling better in no time at all. This can be a long process sometimes it can be a quick thing, it depends on how much pain you’re in, how clean your food intake is and how dedicated you are to complete the program.

For more details or to book a £25 2hour consultation please use the contact form.

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