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About Dean

Dean provides an independently run dual focus business. The main focus of the business is to educate personal trainers to improve their skills sets so that their clients improve their health and achieve their results. The second aspect of the business is helping people to achieve their own set of results through 1:1 training. Dean only see’s clients by application only due to time constraints.

The education side of the business focusing on provide 1-3 day workshops for personal trainers, management teams and health care professionals. Topics range from hormones, digestions, stress management, performance management, motivation and confidence to selling and consultation skills. All seminars and workshops are personalised to the audience and are massively engaging, packed full of content and incredibly valuable to all who attend.

Personal training

For 1:1 clients Dean works exclusively with people to improve their health as well by improving digestion, stress management, hormone balance and gut function. This service is reserved for those serious about improving their external appearance by improve their internal function. Dean’s current client base consists of project managers, company directors, senior managers, personal trainers and business owners.

Dean has completed contest preparation for physique show’s and photoshoot prep. However this is not the main focus of the business so will be priced accordingly and on application.

360 Fitness and coaching is all about doing things right, with old fashioned values and honesty! You’ll be told what you need to hear and not what you need to hear. Everything thing we do is for the benefit of the learners or the clients. Dean is not just in it to take your money and be a “friend” the goal of Dean and the business is to get results! If you’re not serious about your training, don’t apply for the program. But he is actually very friendly with his clients and students.

For more details or to book a £25 2hour consultation please use the contact form.

Qualifications and ongoing education

  • Biosignature modulation levels 1 and 2 (hormone balancing for health, weight loss, fat loss and athletic performance)
  • Biochemistry- cell function, how we actually make energy, how we digest food, how to actually burn fat
  • Advanced gym programming for hormone priorities, weight loss and fat loss
  • ViPR level 3
  • CPR, 1st aid at work, pool life savers award
  • Olympic lifting (deadlift, snatch and power clean)
  • Sports specific training (boxing, martial arts, football, rugby and tennis.)
  • Flexibility, mastering muscle tension for incredibly fast results
  • Advanced Kettlebell training
  • Managing people though change
  • Functional movement patterns (how your muscles actually move in action)
  • Advanced boxing/kickboxing/muay thai pad work
  • Psychological support for motivation, confidence and results

Dean’s vision is to help as many personal trainers get good quality real information. This means a better service and better health to their clients!

If improving your or your teams skill set is a priority for you then get in touch to book your consultation today.


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