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Here at 360 Fitness and Coaching we believe in so much more than just before and after pictures. We’re here to help you regain health, vitality, mental clarity, reduce your stress levels, improve your sleep, lose weight, drop inches, drop dress sizes and so much more! Run by Dean, 360 Fitness and Coaching based in Brighton is all about supporting you. Helping facilitate the changes that need to be taken towards health and happiness. With Dean’s values and mission statement it means that he will do everything he can to put you first and make sure that you have unrestricted access to information. That information is of massive value and can guarantee results for you. No matter what your goals, dropping 2 dress sizes, fitting comfortably in jeans, looking good naked, improving health issues, improving sleep, having more energy, recovering from a physique show, getting prepared for a sporting event or getting a team fit and creating a team bond. 360 Fitness and Coaching are all about helping you the client succeed in every aspect of health, fitness, body change and life.

Dean’s mission statement and core values are

“To help, coach and develop the general population to a state of health and happiness through fun, hormone balancing, science and true personal training.”

  • Integrity…
  • Help as many people as possible
  • Have fun
  • Never stop learning
  • Practice what you preach

360 Fitness and coaching take a very holistic approach to personal training. It’s not just about beast mode and smashing you as hard you can train. For a lot of people this actually screws up metabolism, investigating why you can’t lose weight and hormone balance. This is one of the key factors that we work with, hormones and how having balanced hormones will make you feel so much better and help you in fat loss, inch loss, having more energy, athletic performance or weight loss. After we gage your hormonal priorities (we look at stress, insulin and thyroid for starters) we can then make a start on lifestyle, food, exercise adjustment to steer you on the course for improved health and wellbeing, weight loss, inch loss and all that goes with your hormones being balanced.

For Dean having over 10 years experience in the industry now, he has the confidence to deliver what’s right for the client and not just what the trends in the media at the time are doing. Dean’s priority now is to focus on longer terms health and not just achieving great before and after pictures (although that does happen)


To find out how Dean and 360 fitness and coaching can help you please get in contact today and begin restoring your health, sleep and energy.
To see real results from real clients see our testimonials page.

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